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Although home building firms abound in Southern California, few have attained the level of respect and prestige achieved by Mayfair Homes, Inc. For nearly two decades, Mayfair’s principals have been building sophisticated, high-quality new homes and residences in distinctive urban neighborhoods throughout San Diego County. Not surprisingly, its reputation with home owners has grown over the years—a direct result of the company’s home building expertise and corporate integrity.

Mayfair Homes was founded in 1994 by partners Mehran Saberi and Peter Ovanessoff. Both are experienced real estate developers and investors who share an abiding commitment to quality. From the outset, the mission of their new company was clear: provide buyers with homes of lasting beauty and quality, as well as superior value. Through thoughtful planning, innovative design, expert construction, and exemplary customer service, Mayfair has remained true to that founding principle.

Today, Mehran Saberi serves Mayfair Homes as president. He has over two decades of experience in the development and construction of both custom homes and multi-family residences. In addition to being a graduate of Kings College in Taunton, England, Saberi holds degrees from both Boston University and San Francisco State University.

Peter Ovanessoff, who serves the company as vice president, has specialized over the past 20 years in acquisition, management, and development of both commercial and residential real estate. He is a graduate of United States International University and also is a licensed California Real Estate Broker.

Working together as a team, Saberi and Ovanessoff have been responsible for some of San Diego’s most distinctive and successful new residential properties. More importantly, they have achieved their extraordinary success while maintaining the highest standards in after-sale customer service. At Mayfair Homes, customer satisfaction is more than a goal—it’s a guarantee.

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