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As outlined in my Mayfair Homes ‘Home Warranty and Maintenance Manual’, I submit the following items for repair:

Description of Request

All service request items will be inspected by a Mayfair Homes Customer Service Representative prior to scheduling repairs or replacements, and are limited under the terms of the limited warranty. Every effort will be made to make minor repairs, such as sticking doors, cabinet drawer adjustments, and minor caulking at the time of this assessment. Please note, however, that some items requested may not be covered under the terms of your ‘New Home Warranty’ or may need to be scheduled for a later date. (Refer to the terms and conditions of the Limited Warranty.)

Homeowners, please:

  1. Please print a copy for your records before submitting to Mayfair Homes.
  2. Service calls are made from 7 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday
  3. Refer to your Homeowner’s Warranty and Maintenance Guide for a list of emergency phone numbers and subcontractors that you may contact directly.


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